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Sinclair names in Landownership Book (and Re: abuse post)

At 08:15 AM 05/05/02 -0500, John Quarterman wrote:
>While I'm sure we all appreciate the efforts of you and others
>to improve people's awareness of viruses, firewalls, and security,
>this is not the list for that.

Well shut my mouth!   Very sorry indeed.  Was merely responding to a 
request from someone else on this list.  From memory, methinks this is 
the only e-mail of that type I have ever posted to this list since

>Can we get back to the subjects of this list, please.
>In the next message I will repost the charter of this list.
>>Ian Newman
>>Perth, Western Australia

Thanks very much, Mother.  (-:   Perhaps I can make ammends for my 
infringement by posting the information that I took the time and effort
to write down today, SPECIALLY FOR THIS LIST at our genealogical 
society (only to return to open your abovementioned e-mail message!):

>From "A Directory of Landownership in Scotland c1770" [Scottish Record
Society, New Series 5, published 1976], The index shows the following 
Sinclair names:
Sinclair (St Clair, St Clare):

- Charles de jure, 12th Lord
- of Assery, John
- of Barrock, Alexander
- of Balgreggie, John
- of Brabster, George
- of Bridgend, Robert Manson
- of Brow, Mr.
- of Creech, John
- of Dun, Alexander
- of Dunbeath, James
- of Dunbeath, Sir William
- of Durran, James
- of Forss, John
- of Freswick, William
- of Geise, George
- of Hemprig
- of Lybster, Alexander
- of Mey, Sir James
- of Olrig, Donald
- of Rattar, William
- of Scots Cathell, John
- of Sinclair, General
- of Skeddoway, Major
- of South Dunn, David
- of Stevenson, Sir John
- of Thura, John
- of Toft, William
- of Ulbster, Sir George
- Alexander, Eastaquoy
- David, portioner of Brabsterdorran
- Sir I.
- Colonel James
- Jerom
- John
- John jnr
- John in Overbrugh
- Robert
- Thomas, WS in Edinburgh
- William, in Thurmiston
- William Francis

I didn't have enough time to copy all the entries that the
index referred to, but those interested could most probably
access a copy of the book from their favourite resource


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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