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Re: Comments on Speculative Masonry

Ah Donald:
Wisely spoken indeed.

Ya know, sometimes it would seem that everyone is out there to produce the
"knock-out punch"  the "final argument that bears no opposition"  "The big

No doubt there are some big ones but like you, I look for the little ones.
Being able to notice somebody getting fragile and hear the problem and set
conditions such that it doesn't get worse..   We can't fix everything, least
of all anyone who doesn't wanna be fixed -- but if ya look around, there is
plenty to do.

I ain't looking to change the world -- I'm just looking for a little clarity
while thinkin charitably.  Sounds like somebody I know and love and who
lives in California.

Love ya Donald ----  and give Mary a hug and I'll give Mary a hug.

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> Dear Rory,
>                 Always a pleasure to know your at the other end.  My
> belonged to Mother Kilwinning Lodge No.O., in Scotland.  The reason I
> believe, is that when the Grand Lodge of Scotland was being formed, there

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