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Re: Comments on Speculative Masonry

Dear Rory,
                Always a pleasure to know your at the other end.  My father 
belonged to Mother Kilwinning Lodge No.O., in Scotland.  The reason I 
believe, is that when the Grand Lodge of Scotland was being formed, there 
already was a Kilwinning Lodge in Edinburgh.  Thus Lodge No.O, was born to 
allow it the honour of being the oldest Lodge in Scotland.  I joined 
California Lodge F&AM, No.1, the oldest Lodge in California in 1965.  I shall 
now sit and wait for the inevitable replies proving that I'm not correct in 
that statement, but that's how it was explained to me.  As you know Rory, I 
am a quite ordinary individual and do not feel being a Mason makes me much 
different from all other individuals who share a love of humanity, enjoys 
meeting socially with others and tries to make the World just a wee bit 
better in the way one lives their daily lives.  Good to hear from you Rory.  
All the best, DonaldJH.