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RE: abuse post carlerbas@hotmail.com erbas60@hotmail.com

I do not totally understand e-mail and viruses and doubt that I ever
will.  But for what it is worth, I and many others are receiving
unsolicited e-mail from (of all things) a religion-related site.  And,
of course, these people who "generate" the spam are totally unaware and
innocent, as is the religious group, thanks (I guess) to a virus.

Is the same mechanism possibly in effect with the hate mail that some on
this list are receiving?  I have not been a recipient--yet.

I have installed an anti-virus program on my computer, and recently
installed a firewall (which is thoroughly messing up my computer thanks
to my ignorance of how to use it--I have been banning IP addresses that
I need).  Neither has protected me from spam.  And I am very cautious
about what attachments I open.

Is no one safe anymore?


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Dear List Members

I have, ever since asking, "Why Henry was called a Prince" been
receiving a

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