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Re: abuse post carlerbas@hotmail.com erbas60@hotmail.com

Well, the blocked senders rule is easy - Let's assume Outlook Express for

Message Rules
Blocked senders List
You then have the option of blocking specific email addresses, or an entire
domain (e.g. hotmail .com)

For more specific rules:

Message Rules
Look at the laundry list of possible rule options
Check the one that makes sense in your case
In the middle section you define what you want Outlook to do with messages
that meet this criteria - check your choice
If you look at the bottom, there is usually a highlighted or hyperlink
option for the option you chose - click on the hyperlink and indicate your

Tell me what you would LIKE to do, and I'll see if I can help you setup the
specific rule.  You can email me privately if you like at pamsinc@yahoo.com


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