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Re: abuse post carlerbas@hotmail.com erbas60@hotmail.com

The short answer is no.  If you are on the internet, you are not and cannot
be totally safe.  Your antivirus programs will intercept mail with viruses,
but frequently will leave the message itself, removing only the attachment
with the virus.  But the only way to protect yourself from spam is not to
sign up for anything, which reduces your internet experience to that of a

I have two hotmail and yahoo email addresses I use for all but my most
trusted mail.  Anytime I sign up, purchase, etc - I use those addresses -
just to avoid the spam that frequently ensues.

This (the Sinclair list) is the only mail digest I use at my private email
address.  Every other one I use is part of Yahoo groups, and I choose not to
get indidvidual emails but rather to access it online.  You guys are my
single exception.  And I STILL don't know whether Donald the Sailor had a
son named Henry James who ended up in VA.  :)

Get a good antivirus, keep the definitions updated, have it set to
automatically scan incoming and outgoing email, use your mail rules to avoid
mail from unwanted people, and use your delete button in combination with
your sefl-discipline.  Don't recognize the sender? Delete it.  Never ever
respond to these folks - you just confirm your email address.  Even if it
says "click here to remove yourself" - that's just a standard ploy to
confirm your active email address.

Anyway, I've been doing this for years and years and have learned most of
this the hard way.

Sorry to ramble!  My goodness!


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| I do not totally understand e-mail and viruses and doubt that I ever
| will.  But for what it is worth, I and many others are receiving
| unsolicited e-mail from (of all things) a religion-related site.  And,
| of course, these people who "generate" the spam are totally unaware and
| innocent, as is the religious group, thanks (I guess) to a virus.

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