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abuse post carlerbas@hotmail.com erbas60@hotmail.com

Dear List Members

I have, ever since asking, "Why Henry was called a Prince" been receiving a
stream of hate mail.  First mail was received from the address
erbas60@hotmail.com and more recently from carlerbas@hotmail.com both of the
email addresses trace back to England.  The writer of the emails hides
behind a hotmail address.  After
taking out the abusive and scatological words the gist is asking question
and trying to find real answers is not on.  We are to live in fantasy world.
We are not to question matters of quasi-history.  We are to accept, without
question what ever un referenced material that is web published as history.

It has now come to a point where when I write to a person on list he/she
receives an off list correspondence from one of the above mentioned email
address. More than one person has reported this to me so far. I cannot
control what other people on this list do, nor do I want to.  I cannot
control what third parties with anonymous addresses do.  I do not wish to
subject anyone to this foul-mouthed guttersnipe's ranting. Among other thing
this coward has attacked my parentage, accused me of forgery and bribery.
Anyone having any information or having received any off list communication
from either address please send it to me.

Thank you


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