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Re: Onward Christian Soldiers

Adrian wrote 'I do not appreciate generalizations about and bashing of any
group of  people.'

The French glory in the difference of being French.
Thankfully, Political Correctness has not reached European shores.  The
American publication 'Time' European edition (22 April 2002) cover page and
featured article is titled "Why France is Different".  The introductory
article "France is Different Because..." points out the attitude that France
is on a heaven sent mission.   The following 23 pages speak of the French
arrogance and their belief in their innate superiority.

The quality of life is more important to a Frenchman that successes.  A poll
taken by 'Time' rates Family life at 85% second most important to the French
is their love life at 78%. Labour disputes and strikes occur at the drop of
a hat. Working times in France are 8AM to 12 noon in the afternoon work
begins at 2 PM and stops at 6PM everyone stops for a two-hour lunch.  On
Mondays, except Paris and Lyon shops and banks are shut.  Why? It is the
French way.  Friday is a short day to fit the 35-hour working week.  One
third of all French workers work for the government.

The article includes section titled with French beliefs "The Grass is
Greener in France" and "The Fight for the Quality of Life" and end with an
essay "There is Bad News, Folks-I'm French"

 The French news-papers are covered with comments that the election results
are the result of 11 September and include such opinions as that we are in a
Religious War brought about by a born again American Christian President.
The hottest selling book in France is one that is a conspiracy theory.  The
theory is that there was no attack on the Pentagon or danger to the American
President these stories are fabricated by the Americans to justify Mr Bush
finishing his father's war.

A current joke in France is; "If you speak many languages you are
multi-lingual. If you speak two languages you are bi-lingual.  If you speak
one language you are French, you need no other.


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> I do not appreciate generalizations about and bashing of any group of
> people.
> It WAS nice being part of this list.

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