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Re: Onward Christian Soldiers

Dear Ian

The French do not even like themselves.  They think that they are different
the rest of us. They are arrogant, wilful, unpredictable unless you realise
that they will always act in their own interests. In short they are French.
The Americans have taken our place in  knowing  they are better than the
rest of the world.  As for the British, we are British, we will talk about
everyone else, but we don't like to talk about ourselves. In Cecil Rhodes'
Confession of Faith, he stated, "I contend that we are the finest race in
the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the
human race."

As for the Australians we sent you our petty so called criminals, some for
only being hungry.  In the end you got the better of us.  You sent us Clive
James and Dame Edna. Mick Sinclair keeps an archive on Clive James.

If Le Pen wins the 5 May elections he intends to make all Britons sit in the
corner for 5 years. I am still able to vote with my feet.

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