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Re: Onward Christian Soldiers

At 10:46 AM 22/04/02 +0200, you wrote<snipped>:
>In a huge upset, extreme-right leader Jean-Marie Le Pen qualified on
>yesterday to face incumbent Jacques Chirac in the runoff for French
>Chirac said "[...]At risk is our national cohesion, the values of the

Hmm....  I guess if Le Pen gets in, they'll start nuking us all down under 
once again.  Lock up your boats, New Zealand!
The phrase that Sinclair quoted above is almost word for word what they 
used as an excuse for continuing the Nuclear "tests" last time, followed 
by some captain of a French vessel saying that it really didn't matter 
because "Australia is just a nation of miners", or something to that effect.

Really endeared themselves to us, they did...   

Oh what joy to look forward to!


Ian Newman,
Perth, Western Australia
Nationalism - leave home without it.
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