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Sinclairs have nothing on the Irish.  Our international strategy, please
someone tell me what it is, is nothing like a whole race of people spread
across the globe. It all started 23 April 1014 when King Brian Boru of
Ireland beats Vikings at the  Battle  of Clontarf. He became in that one act
every Irishman's instant ancestor.

Enter, however stage left, Gormlaith. 50 years old still a beauty; she
persuaded Sigurd, the Viking earl of the Orkney Isles (who was half-Irish),
to come to her rescue.  Sigurd not only desired Gormlaith, but he wanted to
be high king, like his countrymen Svein and Cnut had done in England.
Sigtrygg also had sent an appeal for help to Sigurd, promising Gormlaith's
hand in marriage and support for Sigurd's for the throne.  Sigtrygg only
wanted Sigurd to guarantee his continued rule over Dublin. Dublin was a
Viking town so it seemed.  Sigtrygg had other plans.   He also promised
Gormlaith to another renowned Viking warrior, Brodir of the Isle of Man.

Had these various alliances been cemented when Brodir of Man and his Viking
warriors arrived.  The allied-Viking army resisting Brian Boru reportedly
contained Irish, English, Gall-Gael, Welsh, Flemish and French warriors, as
well as a handful of Normans.  These troops allegedly fought for  land and
pillage as well as for glory and honour. It is only surprising the Knights
Templar were not there before they were founded, don't bother me with
details we are talking history here.

Since Henry's title comes from Orkney We could have been Kings in Ireland
had the battle gone the other  way.  As a former clan historian told me just
because it is not written down doesn't mean it did not happen that way.


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