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Re: St. Clair name

Laurel wrote "Robert de St. Clair s/o Walderne"

Official French records do not show this decent.  Are there any references?

The official records show Saint Clair, Lords of Saint Lo still in place at
the time of the Edict of Nantes in 1598.  "Une foi, un loi, un roi," went by
the boards and the St Clair  Lord of St Lo, although Catholic, acceded to
this Edict.

Philippe Sinclair, first Earl of Tarleton was sent by Charlemagne to the
court of Offa (son of Thingfrith, son of Eanulf)  King of  Mercia. Philippe
Sinclair who died 844 was the first one who we can clearly identify.  He was
in the   Earl of Tarleton. The  Barons of Sinclair(English) were Tudur 1 and
2, Raymond, Trilla, Quinna.

The original Holy Light (Saint Clair) title Holders were men who protected
the Merovingian kings of France.  Charlemagne sent to his friend and
correspondent, Offa, king of Mercia. Sinclairs  around 780.  Interestingly
enough the spelling was then Sinclair. This is the list of  people bearing
the title Sinclair in pre conquest Mercia in the  Earldom of Tarleton and
English Barony of Sinclair  are . Sinclair, Adelphia; Sinclair, Albert;
Sinclair, Bonner; Sinclair, Bonner (1); Sinclair, Dauphine; Sinclair,
Duvessa Alpina; Sinclair, Lauretta; Sinclair, Neva; Sinclair, Paulin;
Sinclair, Paulina; Sinclair, Peter; Sinclair, Philippe; Sinclair, Quinna;
Sinclair, Raymond; Sinclair, Trilla; Sinclair, Tudur; Sinclair, Tudur (1).
The multiple names designated by (1) are repeated names in different




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