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FW: My web page


My line is from Alexander who came to Virginia in 1698

Alexander/Waymon/Issac/Thomas Crawford Sr./Thomas Crawford Jr/Lorenzo Dow/Thomas Albert/Lizzie Mureil (who married
a Hudson)/Doris Elaine (who married a Grover)/Judy Gayle/ and then there are my children going on down...

I know that since Thomas Albert was born in Texas (we are still in Texas) where did your's come from...We also went by the name of St.Clair instead of Sinclair

When I first saw your message about photo's I couldn't even access...Everyone fingers were faster than mine..

as always


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Thank you, Judy. I hope to get more up.

How are you related to the SINCLAIRs?  If okay with the owner of this mail
list, I would like to see everyone's lineage.

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