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here is my St. Clair Line


 My line is from Alexander who came to Virginia in 1698

 Alexander/Waymon/Issac/Thomas Crawford Sr./Thomas Crawford Jr/Lorenzo Dow
whom married Mary Camp/Lorenzo D. married Rosa Viola champion/Helen Louise
St.Clair whom married Malcom Roy Johnson (thier daughter Virgina Francis
Johnson is my mom).I think i have that pretty correct.

ok my great grandpa LD was born in Winters, Tex.  My grandma Helen was born
in was born some where in Texas i am not sure but i can find out.  My mom
was born and raised in Bronte, Texas.  She now lives in Hempstead, Texas
with my brother Curtis Edwin Gamble and her sister Juanita Louise Johnson.

I was born in San Francisco, Ca. Both my brother and sister was also born in
Ca.  if you would like to know more about my side just let me know.

Debbie Gamble - Ly
Sunnyvale, Ca.

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