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Andrew Spratt Reconstruction page update

Greetings to all:

After losing my website due to my previous ISP's departure from the market
(@home.com), and losing many "albums"  when Photopoint.com bit dust, I
finally have my personal web site back up and functional with my own domain
name.  At least if this one goes under, I can move the site and not lose any

In any event, I've updated the Andrew Spratt castle reconstructions with
many new ones for your viewing.  The .jpgs are now viewable as thumbnails
and where there is a narrative available, it is hyperlinked below the photo.
Hopefully, this will make "scrolling" through the photos much easier.  As
I'm sure that you know, just click on the thumbnail for the larger photo.

There are over 40 .jpgs on the site, most of them reconstructions.  You will
also see photos of current castles or sites where they once stood.  Andrew
has even completed an "air view" reconstruction of Girnigoe.

For a real treat, see Andrew and Oscar!  There is also a spread where the
talented Mr. Spratt is wearing his Sinclair surcoat, armor, shield and
broadsword!  I'm impressed.  I think that you will be too.

If you are interested, please visit my new web page at:

...and click on "Castles" on the Navigation bar.  While you are there, visit
some of the other pages.  I've reposted some of the Highland Games photos in
the Gallery section, but I have a lot more work to do.  I'll continue to add
and rebuild as time permits.  The page is truly under construction, but I
wanted you to be able to view the Castles page, if you are interested.

I'm open to "kind" suggestions.  With my internet luck lately, the page will
probably go down as I send this e-mail!  haha!

Sincerely yours,

Mel Sinclair
Commissioner, NC & SC
Clan Sinclair USA, Inc.

The Sinclair Group, Mel Sinclair, President
The Human Resource Solutions Company
P. O. Box 25307
Greenville, SC  29616
Tele. 864-268-3550; Fax 864-322-5646
Email: Mel@sinclairgroupinc.com
Web: http://www.sinclairgroupinc.com

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