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Re: Viking Pine and St Margaret's birth place

The Encyclopedia has some of the information right.  |Agatha was not the
daughter of King Stephen.  There are so many reasons that she just doesn't
fit into that family.  Read don't just take my word...."The Lost King of
England" by Gabriel Ronay.

Ronay gives a chart that shows 29 different Chroniclers who mention parts or
most of the story of the exile from England to Sweden,  the flight from
Sweden to N. Russia, the Kieven court, the time in Hungary, etc.
The oldest being the Anglo Saxon Chronicle which began around 1033.
Another chart lists

1. Adam of Bremen 1050
2. Anon. 1134  "Leges Edovardi Confessoris"
3. Geffroi Gaimar  c. 1155  "L'Estoire des Engleis"
4. Erpold Lindenbrog 1706  "Rerum Germanicarum Septentionalium"
5. Karamzin 1815 "Istoriya Gos. Rossiyskogo"

This list shows that the exile is told in other countries also by their

The Anglo Saxon chronicale entry of 1057 just says she was a relative of the
king of Hungary, who at that point was King Andrew.  But she actually
connects  to King Stephen's wife's side.

It is suggested that the story that Agatha was Stephen's daughter got
started when Hungary, desperate for aid and friends during the war,
publicized that Agatha was connected to their monarch, the well known King
Stephen.  Thus she would have been the wife of the son of King Edmund
Ironsides of England and her daughter the wife of King Malcolm Canmore.
This story did interest the English who became much more friendly to the
Hungarian cause.  Pictures were even fabricated to illustrate this

Agatha was the d/o
Ludolf, Margave of Westfriesland b. 1008 d. 1038 and
      Gertrudis, d/o Hugh IV of Egsheim, Ct of Lower Alsace

Ludolf's 1/2 brother was
 Henry III the Salian b. 1017 d. 1056  K. of Germany 1039 and Emperor 1046
            m. 1st Gunhilde d/o Queen Emma and K Knut of Germany.  This is
                  same Queen Emma who was the m/o King Edward the Confessor
                  her first husband King Aethelred of England.  Gunhilde
died shortly
                  after the marriage-no children)
            m. 2nd Agnes d/o WIlliam V Duke of  Aquitaine (I wonder whether
                 descends from Rollo's daughter)--Their widowed
daughter-in-law, Sophia m. 2nd to Solomon K of Hungary who was the s/o King
Andrew, friend to Edward the Atheling (Andrew's wife, Anastasia d/o Jaroslav
Grand Duke of Kiev &  was also the sister-in-law to the King of France,
later King Harold Hardraada of Norway, Anund-Jacob King of Sweden and St.
Olaf II King of Norway.  (actually the mother of Edward the Exile was the 1/
sister to Jaroslav's wife or one of his wives, it is thought by some.
Jaroslav married his sister off to the Doge of Venice, and another sister to
the King of Poland and a son to a d/o Emeror Constantine Monomachos of
So Sophia was distantly related as a 3rd cousin to Agatha

Now here is how Agatha was connected to King Stephen of Hungary:

Stephen's first wife was Gisela the cousin of another Gisela whose 2nd
husband was the father of Ludolf and her 3rd husband was Conrad II the
Salian K of Germany father, of Henry III mentioned above.

So Ludolf and Henry III were 1/2 brothers and 2nd cousins to Stephen's
After Stephen died 1038 the country was torn by a power struggle because he
left no male heirs and Christianity was almost viciously wiped out .
Finally  Andrew took over in 1047.   He was the son of Stephen's cousin.

Ludolf was dead when his daughter Agatha m. Edward the Exile at Yaroslav's
court.  King Henry III was present and sponsored her.  Much more to the
whole story.


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> Dear Sinclair,
>    My Encyclopedia Britannica says that St. Margaret's brother, Edgar the
> Atheling, who was supposed to become King of England after William the
> Conqueror defeated King Harold, but was unable to do so, was probably born

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