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Re: Viking Pine and St Margaret's birth place

Glad to oblige.
We all know St. Margaret.
I mentioned St. Matilda.Like Margaret, she was also a Queen as well as a
Saint. Matilda became the mother of: Otto I, Emperor of Germany; Henry, Duke
of Bavaria; St. Bruno, Archbishop of Cologne; Gerberga, who married Louis IV
of France; Hedwig, the mother of Hugh Capet.
More here: (http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/10049a.htm)
Then there is Saint Aelgifu, also known as Saint Elgiva.Queen and mother of
Kings Edwig of the Saxons and Edgar, King of England,  and wife of Edmund
the First. She gave up public life and became a Benedictine nun at
Shaftesbury. (Catholic Online Saints). Also an ancestor of Margaret on her
father's side.
3 Queens is a pretty good hand. I can add one King.
Olav was Patron Saint of Norway.Also called Olav the Stout, which is Norse
for fat, his story is found at http://saints.catholic.org/saints/olaf.html
His son Magnus was also King of Norway; his granddaughter Ragnhild's
daughter married Paul Thorfinnson, Jarl of Orkney.
I have found most of my information here:
Again, I try to be careful with this stuff and welcome all comments and
Perhaps John could add the Feast Days to his dates. Olav is July 29; Aelgifu
18 May; Margaret 16 Nov; Matilda 14 March.
Take care, Kevin

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