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Re: Viking Pine and St Margaret's birth place

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle was started on the order of King Alfred the Great,
circa A.D. 890. It continued to be added to until the 12th century. It
records history from 1 AD.

Laurel wrote  "The Anglo Saxon chronicale entry of 1057 just says she was a
relative of the king of Hungary, who at that point was King Andrew.  But she
actually connects  to King Stephen's wife's side."

There are two entries for 1057 a partial excerpt from the first entry Quote
"This etheling King Knute had sent into Hungary, to betray him; but he there
grew in favour with good men, as God granted him, and it well became him; so
that he obtained the emperor's cousin in marriage, and by her had a fair
offspring.  Her name was Agatha."

The first entry I can find for Margaret  in The Anglo Saxon Chronicle is
A.D. 1074. Quote "This year King William went over sea to Normandy; and
child Edgar came from Flanders into Scotland on St. Grimbald's mass-day;
where King Malcolm and his sister Margaret received him with much pomp"

This version does not advance a birth place or date.   "There are nine known
versions or fragments of the "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle" in existence, all of
which vary (sometimes greatly) in content and quality..."

I have looked at the entries for 1057 The version I looked at
(http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/OMACL/Anglo)  does not mention Margaret.

 WIlliam V Duke of  Aquitaine died in 1052 he married Ermesende in 1051 had
one child Clemence and died within months of her birth.

Perhaps my references books are wrong.

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> The Encyclopedia has some of the information right.  |Agatha was not the
> daughter of King Stephen.  There are so many reasons that she just doesn't
> fit into that family.  Read don't just take my word...."The Lost King of
> England" by Gabriel Ronay.

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