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Re: veritas vos liberabit

Dear Rory;
Greetings from the far side of Yonge Street with my sincere compliments to
you and all the others that have raised the profile of Clan Sinclair on the
web site. Well done and hats off to Wanda and Ian and the others who
continue to make a great contribution to our collective heritage. I have not
been in a position to contribute as I would have originally wanted , but we
are still with you and raise our Sinclair flag to each and every one of you!

Neil Sinclair
North of Grimsby, east of Rory, west of Roger!
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> Note to all
> We have taken Sinclair's message on board and have communicated with him
> now you all, that there are plans afoot to deal with the issues that he
> raises here.  The site is new,  the time line was supplied by others in

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