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Re: The louisbourg Cannon

Do not know if this helps any but

A Bourg
a French market town.

A Burg

 Historically is a fortified town. Today it is informally a city or town in

If  the cannon was before of after Henry is immaterial. If it was Henry's Ah
that would be a clincher, if Henry was the man described by Zeno .  It is
Pohl who first asserted the claim.  No proof of his voyage exists, however
the probability is there.  At some point you make a 'Leap of Faith'.
Henry's voyage made no lasting impact. Henry was a prince among men.  Bro
Bill knows and feels that Henry was there.

Laurel's questions touch essence of proof answer the reason for the voyage
and we prove the voyage.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."  wrote Albert Einstein.


> Henry wouldn't have acted upon a need for:
> logs for shipbuilding in Norway
> New trade partners for Venice
> Setting up of settlements (just in case there were still some Templars
> around yet)
> Control of the fishing waters for Norway??
> Extension of the Norwegian confederacy??
> Or something we haven't guessed yet
> As ever,
> Laurel

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