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Re: The louisbourg Cannon

Oh cousins,
    You don't know the 1/2 of it about Louisburg!!  Neil does a good job
with his descriptions but you have to see to believe!  Truly a trip to Nova
Scotia by the Sinclairs and St. Clairs should be a must.

    The history of this canon does not negate the beliefs in Henry's
journey.  And taken with the history of fishing in those waters, it just
supports the probability of many many years of visits from Europe.  Were
these fishermen smarter and more capable than Henry?   Did they have more
resources to make these fishing trips year after year than the Jarl of
Orkney?   Did only they have a reason to go to NS?
There are plenty of suggested reasons for Henry to have made the trip.  Why
would one think that only the fishermen acted upon their need for income and
Henry wouldn't have acted upon a need for:

logs for shipbuilding in Norway
New trade partners for Venice
Setting up of settlements (just in case there were still some Templars
around yet)
Control of the fishing waters for Norway??
Extension of the Norwegian confederacy??
Or something we haven't guessed yet

As ever,

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> For people on the list, there is something one should appreciate about
> Louisburg. It was rebuilt at $25,000,000 plus expense to be as totally
> accurate as it could be reflecting the origins, people and life of the
> French. The Uniforms and cloth are exact replicas of the original, the
> height of the Governor was known and so on. Plants of the period were

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