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Re: Cheng Ho , Admiral Zheng He, and historical accuracy

Thanks for your comments, Neil. I think everyone justs wants to put the
Chineese voyages in proper prospective as to time frame and significance.
History is a never-ending voyage through time, and learning from it make us
better able to undersatnd ourselves, our origins, and our destiny. Albert
Einstein once made the statement "Imagination is more important than
knowledge." This same Einstein stated that time travel is possible according
to his theory of relitivity.

When quoting historical data, however, theory should be stated as such, and
fact as fact. And I have no problem with imagination. It it the mother of
discovery. I am a St. Clair, and have every right to be proud of the
accomplishment of SInclairs of all ages which made significact cintributions
to the betterment of the human race.

Stan St. Clair
GA Commissioner, Clan SInclair

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>Greetings Cousins;
>The National Post in Canada featured this story today following a talk
>by Gavin Menzies to the Royal Geographic Society last Friday. In his thesis
>Menzies maintained that Admiral Zheng He from China arrived in the

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