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Re: veritas vos liberabit

Note to all
We have taken Sinclair's message on board and have communicated with him and
now you all, that there are plans afoot to deal with the issues that he
raises here.  The site is new,  the time line was supplied by others in good
faith.  I myself have neither the time nor inclination to vet these kinds of
details (and by this, I do not mean to dismiss them).  I have a general
sense of the trajectory of the history of my family and that will not
change.  Some of these details necessarily will.   I also draw attention to
the disclaimer at the top of our history page which declares that this time
line is by no means definitive and is very much a work in progress.  Our
intention is to be fair, to welcome criticism and mainly to enjoy the
company of our Clanfolk in the pursuit of solidarity while we uncover our
mutual roots.  I would like this process to be civil and gentle spirited as
that is the way I intend to pursue it.  As Sinclair suggests, we will all
end up being  the winners when we let the historical chips  fall where they
may without other needs interjecting,  whatever they may be.

I remain,
your humble and obedient s'v't
Rory Sinclair,
Secretary, Clan Sinclair Association (Canada)

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Clan Sinclair Association Canada's site is a wonderful site. The photos and
the images are clear and crisp. The layout easy to follow.

The history on it is strange and not history. Did you know the William The
Conqueror was William Sinclair?  Read this site's history that what is says.

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