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Surnames - How they DIDN'T begin!

G'day Cousins!

Whilst doing the never-ending search, I arrived at the following site: 

(although I hasten to add that I had to use the "cached" copy, as I 
could not access the site directly)

where this extremely useful information is detailed:

>Phillip SAINT CLAIRE was born in 1398. He died in 1408. He married
Margaret De >LOVAINE before 1398. 
>Margaret De LOVAINE [Parents] was born about 1372 in . She died in 1408.
She >married Phillip SAINT CLAIRE before 1398.

- I always knew that Sinclairs were _amazing_ people, but......

Hmmm..... I guess there's no better illustration to folks as to why they
should not
rely on web sites as a primary source of genealogical information!


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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