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Re: For Glen Cook, demise of the Templars???

Sinclair and Tim,

As my last letter pointed out, valuable historic information can sometimes be
found in the most biased accounts.  Resorting to ridicule as a means of
dismissing such documents in toto is intellectually equivalent to using an 'ad
hominem' argument... and as we all know, 'ad hominem' attacks are the last
refuge of scoundrels...  shame, shame shame....  surely you can do better than
that!    ;-)    (I couldn't resist.... sorry!)

BTW, a better (but much less colorful) argument against the Catholic
Encyclopedia is that it falls into the category of "rehashing the facts", and
hence is not as valuable as the original source documents.

Joe Erkes
Sinclair wrote:

> The mention of Giordano Bruno by Wallace-Murphy is exposing The Catholic
> Encyclopaedia to ridicule. Not fair Wallace-Murphy, not fair. Explain the
> excellent ideas contained in Index librorum prohibitorum.  Wait a minute
> that only enslaved men's minds from 1557 to 1966, only 42 editions were
> published by the Church. The list only included such rabble as
> Descartes,Pascal, Voltaire, Stendhal, Balzac,Victor Hugo,Anatole France,
> Jean Paul Sartre, Erasmus, Nicholas. Machiavelli, John  Calvin, John Milton,
> Baruch Spinoza,John. Locke,Daniel. Defoe Jonathan Swift.  Today the Church
> still clings to the moral guide of the index and issues 'admonitum',
> warnings that a book might be dangerous.