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Re: The 14 Points

I agree with you that a complete and detailed reply is needed. Please give
chapter and verse.  To destroy myths we need bell, book and candle.   I  do
not believe that we need to glorify our history.

It is all wonderful to produce this speculative history but is it based on
fact?  Henry went to America.  So what? Neil says "This is a Norwegian
perspective but navigationally accurate and asserts for us that not only was
the transportation route possible, but probably used by others well in
advance of Henry. To this knowledge we add that the ocean currents are very
favourable to making this a regular transportation route and round trip".

The Newport Tower how can this possibly be a 'Proof' that Henry was there.
that theory is poppycock!

It seems that only Sinclairs assert that he built it.  It was built over two
seasons.  Henry was in America for one season.  What lasting effect did his
voyage have?

We do a great injustice to the memory of an intrepid man by painting him
with deeds and titles that are not his.

Look at Henry's titles 'Prince' the subject of much recent debate.  Duke of
Oldenburg,  no records exist showing Henry to hold this title.  The records
of the Duchy are intact from 1149.

We have now received a genuine letter from the  Lyon clerk, the letter
speaks for itself.  The letter needs no embellishment. It needs no
artificial paragraphs added. It needs no hiding as to date or what it says.

We bring dishonour to the proud and ancient name Sinclair with the many
spurious claims made on the 'History' pages of Clan Sinclair USA. Hastings,
Val-es-Dunes and Henry are prime examples. Words like I believe or I think
would set fact from mussing off well.  It is a sign of strength, not of
weakness, to admit that you don't know all the answers.

One thing bothers me is why in an earlier note you signed your name Jack
Sinclair and now you have reverted to Henry.  Pray tell us why?


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