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Sinclair web pages

>   In a conversation with a person the other day, I was told that this
>person could not find certain information on the above website.  Again I
>told him how to do it and still he was unable.   Finally, I went through the
>process step by step and told him to make sure he was going to the above
>Clan Sinclair USA site and not John Quarterman's site.  John's site has been
>around about a year longer than the official Clan Sinclair site and many of
>you have his site in your computer memory and think when the Clan Sinclair
>site is referenced that it is the same thing.  It just isn't the same.  So
>you need to put the Clan site in your Favorites storage also.

The Clan Sinclair web pages at

are meant to be overview pages, providing context and linking to various
clan organization web pages and related pages.

The row of flags at the top center are one set of such links.
>From left to right, the flags go to:

 The feather, via a page about the Chief, to the Clan Sinclair Trust site:

 The Scottish saltire, to the Clan Sinclair Society in Caithness pages:

 The U.S. stars and stripes, to the Clan Sinclair USA site:

 The Canadian maple leaf, to the Clan Sinclair Canada pages:

 The New Zealand southern cross, to the Clan Sinclair New Zealand pages:

 The Nova Scotia saltire and lion to Clan Sinclair Society of Nova Scotia:

 The picture of a monument to the Prince Henry Sinclair Society of N.A.:

There are more, in the navbar on the left under Groups and Families.

> unless you see on the home page a large grid

I think Laurel is referring to the grid on her History pages:

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