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Re: The 14 Points

Dear Henry,

If you are that sure of your ground, bearing in mind that in your judgement
I am such a poor public speaker, why pillory Niven when you can 'wipe the
floor' with me in open debate before an audience?

Sadly I cannot guarentee to respond to any points you raise in the next few
weeks as am about to take on serious comitments which will take me out of
the country for a goodly part of the time in question. However I am
organising aconference to be held in sunny Devon in mid-november and I am
sure that the organisers would defray your expenses if you wish to attend
and take part in this extra item, the debate about the Zeno/St Clair voyage.

Furthermore, why simply act as a destructive critic of other's work? Be
constructive, have the courtesy to put your own views on display. Tell us
what really happened to Earl Henry St Clair between 1396-1400 - citing your
source material of course.

Best wishes


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