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Re: The 14 Points

Dear All,

I was just about to respond again to Tim
Wallace-Murphy's challenge to a debating 'duel' when I
opened the 'Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt' enclosure from
Neil St. Clair (I hope I've got your name  correct

 May I congratulate Niven for setting out these
'proofs' and for allowing Neil to disseminate them on
the List. 

This is what I now propose, Tim - at least for the
moment, as my duelling pistols are  heavily encased in
thick rust, both in need of a liberal dose of  3-in-1

What I propose to  do, instead,  is to refute each of
Niven's 14  points, one by one, over the next few
weeks. If Tim - or anyone else on the List - would
care to join in this on-line debate, I would, of
course, be delighted. 

So, in order to expose the Sinclair/Zeno fairytale , I
shall consider each of Niven Sinclair's 'Proofs' in
turn.  Without exception they are tendentious,
illogical or just wrong. 

 First of all:

1.  'To his eldest daughter Elizabeth, who married Sir
John Drummond of Cargill, he left his lands in Norway
provided he died without a male heir.'


It was Elizabeth who gave her lands in Norway to
Henry, not vice versa.Henry was consolidating his
estates in Orkney, not preparing to give them away. 
Niven's first point is the reverse of the recorded
(If anyone is interested, I can give chapter and

Yours Aye


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