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Re: Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Dear Cousins,
    Now you see before you these Proofs.   I have also just added another
list of Proofs sent by Niven just recently.  I have highlighted them in pink
so you will see the new addition on www.clansinclairusa.org   When you get
to the first page of the Clan site you need to scroll down and click on
"HISTORY".   Also there are connections to "Membership" where you can find
all you need to join the Clan Sinclair USA easily.   Also the Clan Store to
order things, etc.

   In a conversation with a person the other day, I was told that this
person could not find certain information on the above website.  Again I
told him how to do it and still he was unable.   Finally, I went through the
process step by step and told him to make sure he was going to the above
Clan Sinclair USA site and not John Quarterman's site.  John's site has been
around about a year longer than the official Clan Sinclair site and many of
you have his site in your computer memory and think when the Clan Sinclair
site is referenced that it is the same thing.  It just isn't the same.  So
you need to put the Clan site in your Favorites storage also.

   You are not at the Clan site unless you see on the home page a large grid
system of links to go to.   Each link is prominently displayed and in a
logical system.  There in the 2nd column under "Ancient Personalities"  you
will see "Prince Henry St. Clair" link.   From there you will see a
multitude of links to information about him.  Highlighted in yellow is the
"Beyond Any Doubt" link  in the right column.  And as I said, the new info
from Neil is in Pink.  Do all of you see it in pink, I wonder?

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From: "Neil St. Clair" <neilcalyx@ns.sympatico.ca>
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Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 6:28 PM
Subject: Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

> Herewith are the 14 points of Niven Sinclair's "Beyond a Shadow of a
> Doubt" that I said I would publish on the list if I were asked to do so
> - I was asked and Niven has granted me the privilege of sharing these
> with all.  If you are interested at all, I suggest that you read them
> carefully - they may be an eye opener. Anyone not interested can simply

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