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Re: Prince Henry & The PHSSofNA


Thank you for this meaningful explaination of the use of the title "Prince"
When referring to Henry St. Clair. I have followed carefully all of the
debate. These sentiments seem worthy enough for your continued use of this
title to this noble (At least in accomplishments) man of our past. It was
very interesting reading the entry in which you described your credentials
and let us on the list understand something of your background. I feel that
by understanding these factors about each other we can better acccept one
another's points of view as worthy of examination.

I have a BRE, and a designation of LUTCF from the National  Assoc. of Life
Underwriters My background is in religion and Insurance Marketing. I
currently opperate an insurance agency basically in the South Eastern U.S.
I am a long-time Kiwanian, and have served as president of my former club
three times. My other interests are genealogy and research.

Keep up the effort to report what you feel in your gut.


Stan St. Clair, GA, USA

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Subject: Prince Henry & The PHSSofNA

>Dear Laurel,
> Do you think this is OK to put on the list?
>Relative to the Prince Henry Sinclair Society of North America and

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