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Re: From today's Wickers World

Donald and others I believe the reference to Cinders left at home was, 
Cinderella. Aggie was telling the two old ladies they were the ugly 
step-sisters of Cinderella. By the by, Big Aggie reminds me of my 7th. grade 
science teacher.

The column Wicker's World is posted on the Internet from the John O' Groats 
Journal each Friday. If you haven't been to the site lately, it is much 
improved and more regular. I became interested in it after Ian of Noss sent 
me a few books, wrapped in the local Wick newspaper. Go to the address below.


Our guest speaker at a Nicht Wi Burns here in Indianapolis last night said a 
Scottish woman had the power to make an average man great, and a great man 
average. He must have met Big Aggie.

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis
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