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Scots invented the Modern World

Pardon me if this been previously mentioned.

For your information, I received several "you ought to read" comments lately
regarding the following book:

"How The Scots Invented the Modern World", subtitle, 'The True Story of How
Western Europe's Poorest Nation Created Our World & Everything in It', by
Arthur Herman.

ISBN 0-609-60635-2, First Edition; Published by Crown Publishers, New York,
New York; Random House, Inc., New York. Copyright 2001

>From the Preface:
"The point of this book is that being Scottish turns out to be more than
just a matter of nationality or place of origin or clan or even culture.  It
is also a state of mind, a way of viewing the world and our place in
it...This is the story of how the Scots created the basic idea of modernity.
It will show how that idea transformed their own culture and society in the
eighteenth century, and how they carried it with them wherever they went.
It is the Scots more than anyone else who have created the lens through
which we see the final product.  When we gaze out on a contemporary world
shaped by technology, capitalism, and modern democracy, and struggle to find
our place as individuals in it, we are in effect viewing the world as the
Scots did."

I purchased the book from our local Barnes and Noble but have not started it
as of yet, therefore I can't comment on any of the claims in the title or
preface.  <g>  I'll read it after I complete "Robert E. Lee on Leadership."


Use the above hyperlink or just search on Barnes and Noble.  Also read what
the Critics have to say by clicking on the title of the book.

Beautiful day here in South Carolina .... Mid-60's F (18 C), sunny, and
light winds.  Good day to go sailing!

Mel of South Carolina

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