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Re: Blood and Kin

At 11:54 AM 22/01/02 -0000, Ian of Noss Head wrote (the expurgated version):
>At the Study Centre, I have volume 1, and Volume 2 of NISBETS, System of
>Heraldry, Speculative and Practical with the True Art of Blazon, dated 1816.
>They are a tremendous wealth of information, to which I refer regularly,
>both volumes are leather bound, in excellent condition, and approx 14" x 8".
>Tell me Jeff, did he produce any other volumes, a friend tells me that,
>there could be a Volume 3, and maybe more.

G'day Ian,
I did a search for "Nisbet" and only one (later!) title came up:
Nisbet of that ilk 
Nesbitt, Robert Chancellor 

Phillimore & Co Ltd, Published in UK. 
364pp,  246 x 185mm,  6 colour & 40 b&w illustrations 
HARDBACK 0-85033-929-4 
UK Publication/Price:  1994,  UK 35.00 

SUBJECT: 	H810 (genealogy and family histories) 
BIC Subj Categories: 	HBXH1 (family history) 
	HBXH2 (genealogy) 
Author Title Code: 	NESB-NISB 
I thought it may be of some interest.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia

>Kind Regards
>Yours Aye
>Ian of Noss Head
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