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Re: Blood and Kin

It is no problem whatever to say when a person is correct. (I wrote that he
was correct not right.)  What is difficult about that? The idea of these
discussions is to seperate fact from fiction. Ian proved that Henry was a
'Prince among men'  and that is how he should be titled.  Earl (Jarl) Henry
St Clair, a prince among men.  It would be incorrect to take the title out
of context.  The Prince Henry Society should be the Earl Henry, a prince
among men, Society. I imaging that the gifted statue and Garden of
Remembrance will be titled approiately. Only a born loser would so
dramatically change 'Prince among men' to the out of context Prince.

Ian  claimed to have the answer all along.  It would be interesting to see
the whole letter of the clerk of the Lord Lyon and know the date it was
posted.  I have written to Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records atThe Court
of the Lord Lyon King of Arms HM New Register House Edinburgh EH1 3YT  and
hope to receive a answer that I can publish on this list, I asked for a copy
of the letter. The letter belong to the writer.

Ian took offence, as he wrote  quote "Don't you feel just a little sad that
we did not share this with you, the reason was, you did not act like a
gentleman, pity, because you do show some interest, you just need to learn
to work with other people without being so dogmatic."

Well here is another question, pretty please with sugar on top can any one
comment on the Is the connection  Henry to Zichmini a safe assumption? Heny
is not mentioned by Zeno.

Next week  we have showgirls, a flyby by the Red Arrows and Ringling
Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus

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> PS. Sinclair; I'll bet the hardest part of your message was the subject
> "Ian of Noss is Right".

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