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Re: Blood and Kin

Ian of Noss, did not say that "he had the answers all along" he said that, the Study Centre, have had the information for some time, please remember the guide lines I gave you, to aid your progress.

With regard to the communication from the Lord Lyons Office, I am sorry but I can not share its full content with you, at this point in time, because it contains other matters, unrelated to Prince Henry
that we are at present working on, but, if as you say you have written to the Lord Lyons Office, then I respectfully suggest that you relax, sit back, and wait patiently, just like all other amateur researchers have to do, when waiting for a reply, be conscious of the fact that the Lord Lyons Office, has to respond to hundreds of enquiries every week.

Ian of Noss Head

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> It is no problem whatever to say when a person is correct. (I wrote that he
> was correct not right.)  What is difficult about that? The idea of these
> discussions is to seperate fact from fiction. Ian proved that Henry 
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