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Re: Blood and Kin

Dear Sinclair Discussion Group:

I respectfully submit that the Lord Lyon's office should NOT be considered the be-all and end-all of heraldic inquiry, although it is obvious that the office was set up to be just that.

My own ancestor, Alexander Nisbet (of Nisbet's System of Heraldry), although emminently well-versed in Scottish family history, foolishly applied for a position in the Lord Lyon's office, several times, but with no success.  Perhaps it was because he had found access to much older and more foreign heraldic records than the Lord Lyon's office felt
comfortable dealing with -- records that may no longer exist because of his futile scribblings.

To those of you who are trying to find answers to dark questions, I would say this: Genealogical answers, up to a certain point, can be found through the Lord Lyon's office but, be warned, the office was also put there to be a brick wall of "certainty" beyond which you are not supposed to even consider it worthwhile going beyond, and there are certain
files that are still sealed, even after several centuries.  Scotland is not America.

If you are trying to follow a thread of knowledge that might deviate somewhat from what "accepted" history has laid down for us to accept, than I suggest you look elsewhere.  I cannot tell you where that "elsewhere" might be, but I can tell you that, in my own case, it has been "intuited," within myself, by allowing myself to step into a pair of shoes
cobbled together in the ancient past.  You will not find those shoes at the Lord Lyon's office.

What might this mean to us today?

It has recently been revealed, by an independent environmental organization, that the air quality at what we all know now as "Ground Zero" was nine-times higher in asbestos content than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) told us it was.  The reason currently offered to us is that the EPA, funded by U.S. tax dollars, was working with somewhat
less than state-of-the-art equipment.  I suppose, then, that in the long run the blame can be set on we, the people, for not giving the EPA enough money to buy equipment good enough to give us a "state-of-the-art" report of the current danger.

I've got a real problem with that.  I would hope that you would, too.

When I step inside the shoes of a bureacrat who's first duty is to clean up the mess at "Ground Zero," I've got to ask myself this: "How do I get the manpower?"  No problem, really.  The manpower was standing in line to help, and were in fact being turned away because they were too many.  Next question is this: "How do I keep them coming until it's all
cleared away.  Answer: "Don't tell them there's a health hazard until you have to."

The EPA, the NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission), and the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) were all set up to give we, the people, confidence that the government was monitoring the world through which we move for elements that could do us harm.  They were supposed to make us feel safe.

History has shown that their primary function has been not to protect the public, but to avoid, or at least control, public panic.  Whenever I hear that the EPA, NRC, CDC, or similar governmental "watchdog" organizations have put out the "all clear" signal, I just assume that there could, in fact, be a problem that we're not supposed to worry our poor
little heads about.  Recent history (the air quality at ground zero) and not-so-recent history (the Three-Mile-Island nuclear incident) has proven my skepticism about "official" opinions to be at least somewhat justified.

It is the same with official opinions of the Lord Lyon, or Historic Scotland -- an outfit I have locked horns with in the past, as I have often mentioned -- ad nauseum, I'm sure, to some of you.

Follow your hearts.  Follow your instincts.  The "truth" will not be found in the libraries or the "primary sources" if the truth has been excised from those libraries or primary sources before you were allowed even a wee peek.  But the truth WILL conquer all, anyway.  As Niven has said many times: "Books can be burned.:"

I would like to add that stone, likewise, will eventually turn to dust -- through the ravages of nature, if not quicker by the helping hand of man.  I would like to say that the truth will be found elsewhere.

Tim has been saying recently that the use of "evidence" that cannot be verified or supported cannot fail to bring down ridicule on "our Henry," whatever Henry's title should be.  If I am the least bit inaccurate in my interpretation of what Tim has said, I'm sure he'll be happy to quickly let us all know.

His opinion of my interpretation of the inscribed stone at Temple is perfectly in line with Historic Scotland's opinion, and he has been kind enough to let us all know, in his own inimitable way, that there are three large files on Temple that I have not yet consulted, that may help me with my research.  Thank you so very much, Tim.  You are a gentleman,
and a scholar.

But regarding avenues of research perhaps MORE likely to bring on the wrath of academia, and perhaps LESS likely to find any sort of verification in any of the accepted places, I would draw your attention to one of Tim's own books "Rosslyn: Guardian of the the Secrets of the Holy Grail."

If you have not read his book, I would recommend you do.  It is chock-full of very valuable info for those of us who are still searching outside the library.  I would caution, however, that there is much talk in that book about things like "chakras" and "dowsing" that I, personally, continue to keep an open mind about, but that would not fail to bring
the house down whenever, and wherever, the lords of immaculate scholarship were to judge the arguments presented therein.  But don't take my word for it.  Buy the book and make your own judgments.  You won't be sorry.

I AM LEAVING THE LIST NOW.  I have over 800 messages in my "in box" that I have not deleted (a testament to the quality of discussion  on this list), and also over 400 in my "outbox."  Something must be done, and I need some time to do it in.  I also have a book to write, and only weekends to do that in -- and some personal matters that need attending
to.  I would ask anyone who feels the need to reply to this Email to reply to the list, but also to copy me at home.  I will not get your Emails otherwise.

And then there is this:

In April I will be publishing an article that ties in well with my Bannockburn piece, and will be back before then to let you know the details, if you're interested.  Sooner or later, interested now or not, you will need to pay at least a modicum or attention to the theories put forth therein.  I am not rushing you.  I am merely saying that, according to
what I have observed so far, you all seem to be just a bit slow off the mark.  But to paraphrase Winston Churchill: A lie makes its way around the world before the truth even gets its boots on.  If my words seem cruel, your silence has been crueler.

In the meantime, the Bannockburn article can be bought on the newsstands (Atlantis Rising, Jan-Feb issue, #31) or can be freely downloaded as a PDF file at http://www.atlantisrising.com

My personal website address, which has my article on the inscribed stone at Temple, is clickable at http://www.jnisbet.com

I am happy to correspond with any of you, in the future, on an individual basis.  My home address is jeffnpat@nis.net.  I'm Jeff -- Pat's my wife and best-friend.

All Best for Now!


Ian Sinclair wrote:

> Ian of Noss, did not say that "he had the answers all along" he said that, the Study Centre, have had the information for some time, please remember the guide lines I gave you, to aid your progress.
> With regard to the communication from the Lord Lyons Office, I am sorry but I can not share its full content with you, at this point in time, because it contains other matters, unrelated to Prince Henry
> that we are at present working on, but, if as you say you have written to the Lord Lyons Office, then I respectfully suggest that you relax, sit back, and wait patiently, just like all other amateur researchers have to do, when waiting for a reply, be conscious of the fact that the Lord Lyons Office, has to respond to hundreds of enquiries every week.
> Ian of Noss Head
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