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Re: Blood and Kin


I was very sorry to hear of your departure from the list.   This list will be the worse for your departure.  You are one of those few doing original work that may lead to a deeper understanding of the Sinclair heritage.  Most of us do not have access to the available original records, and have to content ourselves with reading and re-reading the readily and
not so readily available historical rehashings of the original sources.  Fewer still have had the time, the inclination and the stick-to-it-iveness to  uncover new information "from the living stones".

Your interesting interpretations of those inscriptions, as well as much of what we suspect about Henry fall into the category of "speculative history".  It doesn't mean that it is wrong... it just means that we can't prove it one way or another.... yet.

I've argued strongly on the list for us to try to clearly differentiate between what we know,  and what we suspect.  To not do so makes us appear foolish in the eyes of the larger community of historians, and slows real progress.  Those on the list with an academic orientation can help us make those distinctions.

I also believe strongly that we should simultaneously continue to work on speculative history.  Much that we believe to be "gospel" today started off as speculation.  Without bold and thoughtful speculation, little progress will be made.   This list can be a powerful forum for gradually increasing the body of solid accepted knowledge regarding Henry,
provided that the academic skeptics and the speculative historians interact in a positive rather than a negative way.  Progress will be swifter if we can clearly distinguish between what is false, what is true and what may be true.

In response to your request for feedback some time back, I wrote a post stating that your interpretation of the inscriptions you found was one among many possible interpretations.  I spoke as a skeptical ex-academic reminding you to differentiate between what is true and what may be true.  I hope my remarks were not part of the reason you chose to leave.
Believe me, they were not so intended.


Joe Erkes

jeffnpat wrote:

> Dear Sinclair Discussion Group:
> I AM LEAVING THE LIST NOW.  I have over 800 messages in my "in box" that I have not deleted (a testament to the quality of discussion  on this list), and also over 400 in my "outbox."  Something must be done, and I need some time to do it in.  I also have a book to write, and only weekends to do that in -- and some personal matters that need attending
> to.  I would ask anyone who feels the need to reply to this Email to reply to the list, but also to copy me at home.  I will not get your Emails otherwise.

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