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Re: Prince Henry Proofs

Now that Ian of Noss has clearly established the Henry was not a Prince but
a "Prince among men" perhaps we can attack some of the other myths.

Emotional involvement obscures the ability to see things objectively. Clan
Sinclair USA states emphatically that 1062   "The Great Count (King) Roger
de Hauteville marries Judith of Evreaux d/o first cousin of William the
Conqueror at Calabria, Italy  William is related to the St. Clairs sur Elle.
Roger commissioned the  collection of all the known scientific facts into
one book (1154) called "Roger's Book" .  On the   first page it states that
the earth is a sphere.  The Count's second wife, Eremberga, was d/o William
of Mortain s/o Mauger, connected to the  St.Clairs sur Elle   ref: "The
Normans In Sicily" by John Julius    Norwich, pg 147  & 462  pg. 332 (chart)

Lord Norwich excellent book, my copy is the Penguin London 1992, has no
mention of St Clair (Sinclair) or any relationship to William.  The
references supplied infer that Norwich is writing about St Clair. What is
inferred is not what is implied.   Norwich is writing about Roger de

The site www.clansinclairusa.org/ev_worldevents.htm speaks of Duke William
as a Sinclair cousin.How did William get to be 'our cousin'?


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