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Re: Prince Henry Proofs

Is Mr Labehotierre never wrong? or can he not accept the fact that his question has been successfully answered.
His repetative question, was, and I quote "WHY WAS HENRY CALLED A PRINCE"

To the best of my knowledge and belief, nobody has ever said or written, that Henry was born a Prince, crowned a Prince, or bought the entitlement to be a Prince, only that he was called a Prince, even poor old Fred Pohl received a severe mauling because he said that Henry, was known as Prince Henry.

After the findings of the Lord Lyon Office, for a reasonable account of why, he was known as Prince Henry, I would have thought, that most sensible people could have accepted that, as a reasonable explanation, but then again, that would have meant somebody losing the high ground and falling flat on their face.

Again, let the readers decide if the explanation is acceptable.

Yours Aye
Ian of Noss Head