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Prince Henry Proofs

Dear Cousins,
    Many of you may be new to this list.  There are many of you who use this
and other lists as your only sources.  That is a dangerous thing to do.  Now
you have heard so many views on various aspects of Henry's life, you may
either be confused or you may have made your decision already without
getting all the proofs collected over many years from many fields of study
outside the Sinclair Clan which would supposedly be more objective.

I  like a comment made to me by Niven that goes something like this-- I
(Niven) have been to each of these places, I have looked at them carefully,
I have touched them, I have recorded their details, I have read all these
books and talked to experts not connected with the Sinclairs--- But these
critics have not!

So please take some time now and look at
There you will see just a part of the accumulated research of Niven Sinclair
and others up to the time his book "Beyond Any Shadow"  was printed in the
1990's I believe, and has some 200 pages with many photos and drawings of
proof.  Niven's and Other's research has continued.  At some point when he
has time, more will be added, and updated.  Until then, you must see that
these statements about Henry's voyage being made have very solid bases.

I too, (Laurel) have stood on Salmon Hill overlooking Chadebucto Bay Nova
Scotia (near where the PHSSNA Movement is along its shores) and look miles
across the forests into the polluted/cloudy distance towards Stellerton and
felt that it was logical and probable that in 1398 on a clear day you could
see smoke rising at Stellerton just as Frederick Pohl did and just has Henry
and his men did and Zeno recorded it. I have seen the old newspaper stories
of the underground coal fields catching on fire and smoldering with
billowing clouds for years at Stellerton.   I have looked from  the Clan
Sinclair Monument down into Boylston Bay and saw that it was indeed a hidden
bay back behind Chadebucto bay just as Zeno described.

 I have stood with Neil St. Clair at Cape d'or and looked at the swiftly
churning Bay of Fundy tide coming in and understood why the Indians detoured
this section by taking paths up over the neck of land and down into Advocate
Harbor.  The Glooscap legends tells of his stay in this area and from which
the newly built ship of Henry's left Nova Scotia.  I have stood in Westford,
Massachusetts and looked at the Knight carving.

    It certainly is not hard for me to understand that after centuries of
the retelling of the story about Henry's arrival in Nova Scotia that it took
on mythical proportions.
     We have in the Columbia Gorge (before the dams) a huge debris field of
rock across the river making nearly impassable rapids for the incoming
pioneers, etc.   This debris was formed when water breached a huge inland
lake.  The smaller rocks washed away but the larger boulders stayed in this
area.  This happened 500 years ago, well within the time Indians lived here
and mentally recorded it. http://www.opb.org/ofg/1105/bridge/geology.htm

But they incorporated this true happening in an almost unrecognizable manner
involving a mystical land bridge spanning the gorge was destroyed when two
gods fought on it.
Then they took on the form of some of the surrounding mountains.   There you
have a real observable event but in just 500 years it is seen as a  mythical
story.  http://home.teleport.com/~sisemo/legends/bridge_gods.htm

Also how is it that you recognize in your own families in just a few hundred
years certain myths (and there is the group of people here that feel that
way about jarl Henry's voyage) but yet you elevate the Mi'maqs to that level
of unchanging tribal history??  Why do you think (where is your proof) their
stories are so much purer than the rest of the world and unable to
incorporate things they observed into their legends as well?

I know there are those of you that have not yet connected your family into
the dim and hardly documented past who might need a respite from the Princes
and Jarls.  Why not look at the marvelous places in history that the St.
Clairs/Sinclair/Sinklers found themselves as history swirled around them and
took off perhaps in a new direction.  In the beginning of the website list,
I know there will be those who will want to dispute, but you will quickly
see that the rest is well documented.

www.clansinclairusa.org/ev_worldevents.htm    New things are entered almost

By the way, how is OZ doing with the fire?  And now the super hail stones.
Portland, OR

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