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Re: James Sinclair of Borlum

At 03:45 PM 16/01/02 -0800, Ian C. Sinclair wrote:
>Can any one tell me what the section means ?  when"The Revd.John Sinclair
who >was Rector of James interred in Leckpatrick nigh Strabane in 1665;"

I'm no expert, but it suggests to me that The Rev.John was buried near
Strabane in the parish of Leckpatrick in Northern Ireland in 1665.

(I used an internet search engine to look up both names, and put two and
two together - probably making five!)

Here's some addresses found [there's loads of them to choose from!]:

(This is a copy of Volume 9 of the Clan Sinclair Society newsletter
"Girnigoe" from April 1998 which details in a section on page 3 entitled
"Which Sinclair Are You?" the Borlum Sinclairs (extracted from "The Saint
Clairs of the Isles")
Downloadable newsletter - via Acrobat Reader.

(Townlands in Leckpatrick) mentions Strabane - shows detailed old maps of
the districts.

(Strabane District Council, Northern Ireland) check out the "births, deaths
& marriages" section in the pull-down menu.

(Strabane & Donegal Town)

- and guess what?  There are 224 web sites that have the words "Strabane"
_and_  "Sinclair" in them, and 14 sites that have both "Leckpatrick" and
(Using "Google", I type in "Strabane" or "Leckpatrick", then use the
"Search within Results" facility at the bottom of the page to do a further
search on "Sinclair")

Hope this helps,


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia 

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