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Re: Our Henry

Dear Mrs. Grady

SG wrote; ' I have been informed by the Clan Sinclair U.S.A. that there are
several lasting effects of Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage to North America
in 1398 to 1399 A.D. Prince Henry Sinclair had harmonious relations with the
native people in Nova Scotia, the Micmac Indians. Many later explorers, and
the Vikings before Prince Henry, did not get along well with the Native
Americans. Prince Henry taught them how to make nets and use them to fish.'

The Zeno narrative says that the fishermen who preceded Henry, were taken
captive and taught the Native Americans this skill. 'The story goes that
some fishermen from Greenland, fishing on the Grand Banks, were caught in a
storm and driven far south, only to be captured by Indians. Their skills
were useful to these people - especially the use of nets. Eventually one of
the fishermen escaped and ended up in Norway, where he came in contact with
Henry St Clair, and offered to act as pilot on an expedition west.
Unfortunately he died before departure. ' http://www.homecoming.co.uk

English geographer, Nicholas of Lynne about 1360 went to Greenland and the
Arctic.  He wrote a book Inventio Fortunatae and a new map of the Atlantic
(Pope Urban's map) produced in Venice in 1367.

SG wrote; 'They have oral legends about him, the 'Glooscap' legends, that
have since been written down.'

These legends may or may not relate to Henry see http://www.indians.org, or
http://www.internet-at-work.com   'Glooscap was the first human being on
earth and will live forever. He is the creator of all living things and has
taught people how to love and sing and play. He also guides their arrows
when they hunt.'

That does not sound like a wandering Norse Earl

SG wrote; 'In 1998 the Micmac Indians participated in the 600th anniversary
celebration of Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage in Nova Scotia. '

Everybody likes a party

SG wrote; 'Also, a grandson of Prince Henry Sinclair met Christopher
Columbus on the island of Madeira.'

I am ignorant of this.


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