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Re: Our Henry

Dear Sinclair,

   I have been informed by the Clan Sinclair U.S.A. that there are several 
lasting effects of Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage to North America in 1398 to 
1399 A.D.
Prince Henry Sinclair had harmonious relations with the native people in Nova 
Scotia, the Micmac Indians. Many later explorers, and the Vikings before 
Prince Henry, did not get along well with the Native Americans. Prince Henry 
taught them how to make nets and use them to fish.  They have oral legends 
about him, the "Glooscap" legends, that have since been written down.   In 
1998 the Micmac Indians participated in the 600th anniversary celebration of 
Prince Henry Sinclair's voyage in Nova Scotia.  They also went to the Orkney 
Islands for a symposium about Prince Henry Sinclair.
   Also, a grandson of Prince Henry Sinclair met Christopher Columbus on the 
island of Madeira.  Christopher Columbus' wife lived on Madeira.  Her father 
lived there and he had been a sea captain and explorer.  Prince Henry's 
grandson told Christopher Columbus about his grandfather's voyage.  Also 
Christopher Columbus' family is descended from the family of Prince Henry 
Sinclair.  If you would like to receive two articles explaining all this in 
detail, I would be glad to mail them to you if you would please send me your 


Susan Grady
Alexandria, Virginia
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