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Re: Our Henry

"What would be the proper title for the pre-Baron  Lairds of Roslin?"
Manorial title, Lord of Rosslyn, modern day laird in Scotland. "This had
been discussed earlier (a year or so ago) on the list. What exactly is the
myth in question?"  the Myth "1028  William the Seemly, b.c. 1028 Normandy,
is possibly the connecting link between the St. Clairs sur Elle  and the St.
Clairs of Scotland.  Arrived in England after death of father Walderne at
1047 Battle of Val-es-  Dunes,  Normandy where he opposed the King of France
who supported  young Duke William." see
http://www.clansinclairusa.org/ev_worldevents.htm .  Poppycock! Fact: St
Clair (Sinclair) by and large supported Duke William.  Guy of Burgundy
raised a revolt.  The western lords supported Guy.  The eastern and northern
lords opposed Guy and supported William. St Clair power lay in the north and
the east.  Sinclair were bit players in the event at any rate.

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> What would be the proper title for the pre-Baron  Lairds of Roslin?
> Also, I too would be very interested in any additional thoughts on
> Val-es-Dunes. I am reading David Douglas' "William the Conqueror", and I
> struck by the absence of St.Clairs, except for a mention of Hamo at

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