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Our Henry

I am astounded that the Henry topic has so many questions and no answers. Life is divided into three terms - that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present to  live better in the future.  Henry, I read in the Clan Sinclair 'History' pages was Baron of Rosslyn. This is repeated in the Clan Gunn Web pages.   The Barony of Rosslyn was created in 1666 AD by Charles the second.  I wonder how our good Earl became the Baron when he was dead for 260 years or so.  I am stupefied by the claim that a group of historical researchers would take the attitude that you can't prove he was not a Prince, of course we can not prove that he was so we are saying that he was for a gift of a garden and statue.  That is no fair exchange for historical integrity. What is wrong with a statue of an extraordinary man? Henry went to America, many did before him, many did after him.  His visit had no lasting impact, save for the fact that he was noted for his fair treatment of the American Natives there. 

In Huntley Scotland there is a monument to a Bank Agent, Henry was a tax collector.  Henry was also an extraordinary seaman.  Henry many qualities that should be remembered.  Why dishonour him by making claims that have no verifiable footing?  Unsupportable claims make both Henry and the claiment look foolish.

Who wants to carry the Prince Henry banner at the next Games?

After two years of writing and pointing out the Battle Abby Rolls, Wace ect at least some have seen the light.  

Would any one like to correct the Val-es-Dunes myth?