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Cumulative resplies

For Stan - Sir, I would like to hear more of your thoughts on funds for
a seminar. Sally esdemio@worldnet.att.net
For Susan:  Don't buy the Sinclair History, unless you have New England
Sinclairs, it hasn't much on anyone else.  You may have my copy
(gratis). Some Virginia Sinclairs, the ones from Gloucester Co are in
the Selden History of the Sinclairs, with a few excursions into the
Arthur Sinclairs.  I think Jean told me she has the Stafford Co
Sinclairs.  I am working, as a by-product of my family, on the ones in
Prince William Co.
For Jeff:  T'aint the Smithsonian, you want to dig in, it's the Library
of Congress.  The biggest problem is knowing what question to ask to
open the file you want. They are on line for some of it.
For Sinclairs in Nova Scotia - now that is the problem. Haven't found
the right question to open their files. Don't know whether, like the
Commonwealth of PA, their preference is that you go there to search and
find, maybe or just a certain amount of stiffness about sharing

For all in NSW:  The TV news paints a very bleak story. I pray that it
will be contained and die off very soon.  in caring:  Sally

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