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Our Henry

Henry, the devil and the long spoon grown short.

I received a  letter forwarded to me by ian Sinclair of Nosshead "... the
Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records at Lord Lyon's Office.  He is the
ultimate source of anything ancestral or heraldic in Scotland" that Henry
was not a Prince. " " It is quite clear that in a number of works, including
writings by FatherRichard Augustine Hay in 'Genealogie of the St. Clairs',
people have referred to Henry as Prince of Orkney. Quite why, I do not
know,.....The title of 'Prince' was  essentially an honorific given to a man
who walked in Royal circles;....and who, by his demeanour and stature was a
"Prince of men" .from another source "Earl Henry Sinclair is one character
in Orkney's long and colourful history whose exploits can certainly be
classed as semi-legendary.

Although there is absolutely no doubt that Sinclair existed, over the years
the genuine historical figure has attracted strands of lore from a number of
sources, all of which have become woven into a colourful tapestry of legend,
mythology and pseudo-history. Recent years have seen this fairly
unremarkable Orkney earl linked with the mysterious Knights Templar, the
Holy Grail among other even more esoteric subjects."
trip.htm and again from Scottie at http://www.RampantScotland.comMost "of
the history books I have are of a general nature and don't go into the
detail of the title "Prince" for Henry. I get the impression that he was the
most senior Norwegian Earl but not a royal prince."

I made 31 enquiries 9 answered, they all agree henry was no Prince.  The
donated  Nosshead  statue should be to Henry,  Earl and tax collector, the
reciepts still exisit for tax payments he made the King of Norway,  never
have been fond of tax collectors. If Henry went to Nova Scotia his voyage
had no lasting effect, many had been before him, Lief Errickson 1003, Eric
the Red many came after him.


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