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Re: The Roll of Battle Abbey - Sinclairs at the Battle of Hastings

Dear All:
This discussion is a very very good thing --- What do we know... where did
we get it from .. how much can we know?
I have in front of me Thomas Sinclair's   "The Sinclairs of England"  .. a
copy I purchased 10 years ago from Steve Cashmore,  a book dealer in Thurso
who specializes in Nothern Scottish material  and related itemsl.  I have a
standing order for anything related to Sinclairs.
 I read Thomas Sinclair's book in the mid '90's   .. it is much like reading
'the begats' in the Pentateuch.  Often a listing of names and progeny. Not
easy to absorb much less remember.
Do ya wanna know the most infuriating part of this book???   It begins on
page one and ends on 414 which is one short of the end paper.  It is
authoritative in tone and presentation but: there is no index and  not ONE
source is given. Thomas got his information from somewhere but we don't know
if it was real or from the ether ..or if it WAS real, whether or not it was
John is correct in saying that the quote about the 9 Sinclairs was from this
book  (Thomas Sinclair's) and not from anyone called Andrew Sinclair.
Never knew what to make of this material then and that situation is not much
different today.

Rory in Toronto.

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> The only place I can recall seeing the nine Sinclairs who are alleged to
> fought at Hastings enumerated is in the appended message, which you will
> find in

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