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Re: Prince & Jarl

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Sent: Tuesday, January 01, 2002 5:26 PM
Subject: Re: Prince & Jarl

At last - a lady of good sense and discernment. May Ann be thrice blessed
and placed above the salt. Truth needs no elaboration. One of the reasons
that William Thompson, quoted earlier today, and Brian Smith of Shetland
make so much hay with the Earl Henry story is that the exagerators and
fantasists have given them so much ammunition. Evereyone who makes, or
repeats, unsubstantiated claims bares our collective throat to the enemies
of truth. Truth does matter. Archives and records do exist and should be
used. Archaeological eveidence such as the Westford Knight, the Newport
Tower and Rosslyn Chapel, used with discernement and backed up by the
opionions of scholars of repute and archival evidence tell a far more
inspiring and demonstrably truer story than that purveyed by the begruding
critics and the fantasists of this world.

Ann, I salute you.

Best wishes


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